Here are two of the top trends we’re watching in the tech industry beyond Silicon Valley. 

1) Unvalley VC Growth

More venture capital dollars are going to tech companies beyond Silicon Valley.

A report from LinkedIn’s Economic Graph team shows strong economic recovery in the Unvalley. 

LinkedIn listed tech’s most resilient hubs between December 2019 and May 2021 and the top five were Madison, WI; Colorado Springs, CO; Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, NC; Pittsburgh, PA; and Huntsville-Decatur-Albertville, AL.

2021 Unvalley Trends VC Funding, Top Industries, Job Opportunities, and MoreWe’re also watching the trend that capital investment in the Midwest has doubled from approximately $10 billion to $20 billion since 2019, according to Midwest Cities Rankings.

Want to know what industries and venture capital firms you should be tracking during the holiday season and beyond? Check out Powderkeg’s roundup of top industries between the coasts, and explore the most active VCs outside Silicon Valley. 

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2) Unvalley Job Trends

It’s a job-seekers market.

There are huge opportunities for tech workers in today’s job market. Information technology employers listed 360,065 tech job openings in October – an increase of almost 76,000 from the previous month – and the unemployment rate in the tech sector is just 2.1%.

2021 Unvalley Trends VC Funding, Top Industries, Job Opportunities, and MoreTop companies are bending over backwards to recruit the best possible talent. More employers are open to remote working arrangements than ever before, and companies are shining a spotlight on their culture and publicizing the things that make their company great to work for.

Companies are also relying on employee referrals to help them hire the teams they need to keep growing. Referring candidates to your company yields big dividends for you, too – so read our list of valuable do’s and don’ts for making great employee referrals.

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